Women's Curtain Ribbed Bikini and TIE-UP PANTY SET

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Short bra and panties with side ties and a light frill shape the buttocks. The perfect choice to enjoy the summer.

Medium double sheen lace-up panties with removable trims. Brightness in beachwear, elegance and style in just the right measure, a smooth and not at all basic piece that lifts any look. Comfortable panties with lace on the side, with the same fabric as the bikini inside (not double-sided), guaranteeing extreme softness during use, the modeling has a different style with the butt that makes all the difference.

If you have a bikini that is always in fashion, it's the curtain, it's your companion on hot days to enjoy a pool or beach. The trim detail that is removable brings a modern and elegant design.

• High quality fabric, durability and fast drying;

• Products with modern and elegant design, deliver comfort and beauty;

• Straps +comfort, lift the breasts and value the lap;

• Malleable and waterproof cup, super soft and does not absorb water;

• Personalized and exclusive details that make your bikini unique;

Fabric: Attractive Lycra




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